Zhongling Zhang Testimonials

“You can feel relaxed and heal faster when you get acupuncture with Dr. Zhang”

I have been privileged to be treated by Dr. Ling Zhang many times over the past several years. I have found that whatever I am being treated for, from broken bones to recovery from a serious injury and surgery, acupuncture helps me relax and heal faster.

In addition, Dr. Zhang is a compassionate and caring doctor who cares deeply for the whole patient.

Amy Austin Texas

“You can feel better, sleep better and have lots more energy when you get acupuncture treatment from Dr. Zhang”

How Dr. Zhang helped my morning sickness
By Li, Hong Feng, Austin Texas

I am a Chinese and I know that the Chinese herb and acupuncture are very useful in some disease especially on some disease which has no solution by most west medicine doctor.

But I did not think it can be useful on morning sickness. My recent experience has changed my mind.

I found I was pregnant in August 2006. Then I felt nausea and vomiting on everyday, about 3-5 times a day. I was very sensible to almost all kind of smell which I has no problem before pregnancy. I feel that the energy has gone.

If I walk around the apartment building we live, I had to sit down for 3 times to finish the walk. The only thing I wanted to do is sitting at the patio because I felt less smell there. I did not know what kind of food I could eat because I vomited everyday, no matter what I eat.

My friends who had same experience tell me that the only thing I can do is just bear, no any medicine (neither west medicine nor Chinese herb).

One night, I vomited so serious that I felt pain on my throat when I was eating any food. I called the nurse at my OB doctor. She helped me make appointment with a family doctor. She told me she had been in same situation when she was young. She said nobody knows the reason and what she could do at that time and all I can do now is bear. It seems that I have no hope and no solution at that time.

Dr. Zhang recommended me to try Chinese herb and acupuncture when she leaned I was painful on the morning sickness. She told me that the medicine used in pregnancy has been used for hundred of years and it will not hurt the baby.

I still think every medicine has side effect therefore it is no good to the baby. So I did not go there until I felt I could not bear any more.

Dr. Zhang found that I got palpitation and she said it is caused by morning sickness. Chinese medicine has its own theory to explain morning sickness well.

At the same time I had an appointment with my OB doctor. She let me do hotter which is used to check palpitation.The doctor who reviewed my result of hotter told me that I should not take medicine since I was pregnant. Dr Zhang gave me Chinese herb and acupuncture therapy.

She say it will has effect on palpitation and other symptom of morning thickness. After several times of therapy, the palpitation disappears. I felt that the other symptoms of morning sickness are also less serious as well.

I do not know what I would be if I did not have Chinese herb and acupuncture therapy (Maybe I will got other disease).

The nausea and vomiting is also less than before. Now I am well enough, just waiting for my baby coming out.

That is my experience on Chinese herb and acupuncture which has thousands years of history and has good effects on many kind of disease. I hope more and more people are willing to try it, believe it and get good therapy and healthy.

Austin Texas