Luna Liu Testimonials

“Taking years off my looks”

“I was not aging well and significantly overweight, too. So I started intermittent fasting and began losing weight. This is what prompted me to come to Luna (YuXuan) Liu for Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture because I was sure losing weight would worsen my already sagging face.

Luna helped me immensely by taking years off my looks and helping me to feel better about myself. I am so thrilled with the results that I am having cosmetic acupuncture on my neck, too.

The results are pretty amazing — my face is smoother and brighter; my eyes no longer have droopy eyelids, and, my heavy jowls are gone. My cheeks have plumped up, too, including my lips.

One thing I really like is the way Luna balances every treatment with a soothing facial massage using fabulous cosmetics. I always sleep better after her treatments and have more energy the next day, too. I highly recommend Luna Liu to people seeking beautiful results and wanting to age more gracefully.”  

Sherry M.

My Asthma Healing Story

 “As I reached for my albuterol inhaler once again, I looked in despair at the number count—already reaching 160 of the total 200 medicated puffs in a matter of two days. It would be of no surprise that I was using the inhaler more than intended.

To be used, ideally, never, or at most once a day with two puffs per dose, I was using it sometimes more than 15 times a day. Often left wheezing and gasping for air to fill my constricted lung vessels, it took me no time to realize the dire situation my asthma had placed on me.

Having relied on Western medicine [ie. Albuterol, Singulair] for almost three years, it finally dawned upon me to give Eastern medicine a go. Having heard success stories from my parents and our family friends, I still remained skeptical.

Before my first acupuncture appointment, I admit that I looked up the possible side effects of acupuncture treatment, to see if I was dabbling in murky waters. However, after my treatment began with Dr. Wang, Dr. Zhang, and Dr. Liu, I realized that the waters I had delved into were much clearer than I would have ever expected.

Having begun my acupuncture treatment the same day as an appointment with an allergist doctor, I began taking herbs alongside an inhaler the allergist had prescribed.

Within days of acupuncture/herbal treatment and use of the inhaler, I no longer needed to use my emergency inhaler, albuterol. I was unclear on what was really helping me breathe better – the natural Eastern herbal remedy or the Western medicine?

I stopped using the inhaler and relied solely on the acupuncture and herbs. I was surprised, to say the least, when I remained free of my coughing and wheezing a week later. I believe that acupuncture and the natural herbal medicines were what helped me recover from my asthma.

I am happy to sit here writing about my experience in acupuncture being four weeks and counting cough-free! Acupuncture Plus has most certainly relieved me of my asthma cough/wheezing symptoms and for that, I will be forever grateful!

The care and kindness I received under their care was outstanding and the warmth and support they embrace all their patients with gives strength in all of our paths to recovery.

Acupuncture healed my body naturally; I hope it will heal yours too!”

Ashley,  August 19th,  2015