Guoen Wang Testimonials

Guoen Wang Testimonials

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I have always had bad allergies. Even as a small child I had to get allergy shots, avoid certain foods, etc. The year 2002 was a very challenging year for me with constant sinus drainage, sore throats, and headaches. I had been suffering for about 2 weeks. I was increasing my vitamins, zinc, Vitamin C, but still having the drainage and sore throat, fatigue, and a sluggish “drowning” feeling. My children told me I sounded like Elmer Fudd. I tried Allegra. Not only did it not relieve my allergies, it made feel anxious and nervous.

Dr. Wang told me that his Allergy Care pills would help in 20 minutes without making me feel nervous and that it would take away my sore throat. Yeah, right, I thought, but decided to try the Allergy Care pills anyway.
Well, 20 minutes later, wow! I felt great with no jitters or anxiety. Within one week of taking Dr. Wang’s Allergy Care pills, I found relief. Now my 15-year-old son is taking them, and he says they don’t make him sleepy at school or make him feel nauseated. His symptoms have disappeared completely.

I feel better about giving him herbs instead of chemically-laden medications.

Thanks to Dr. Wang, we both feel better.

Lisa Wehbe


I met Dr. Guoen Wang in December 1997 shortly after taking my son [Alan] to an emergency room. Alan had had an asthma attack and the drugs he had received at the hospital were mostly ineffective. I didn’t know enough about Oriental Medicine at the time to know whether it would help or not, but I was desperate. Dr. Wang reassured me that Oriental Medicine would be very helpful and proceeded to spend a full hour with Alan, doing pediatric massage, acupressure, and moxibustion. I watched and asked questions and learned which techniques I could use myself at home to prevent or treat future asthma attacks. By the end of the treatment, Alan had not only resumed normal breathing, he had actually fallen asleep on Dr. Wang’s treatment table!

As a mother, I have always tried my best to raise my children without medications, invasive treatments, and the general anxiety associated with visits to a “typical” allopathic doctor. Naturally I was very pleased to discover that Oriental Medicine could treat pediatric illness so effectively, while being very gentle on the patient and leaving no side effects. Bu I was particularly pleased to have met Dr. Wang whose personal treatment style is especially attentive and compassionate. My son, who is quite cautious by nature, must have sensed these qualities in Dr. Wang as well. On Alan’s second or third visit many months later, I remember watching in amazement as he reached up to hold Dr. Wang’s hand while we walked down the hall to the treatment room. Now that we are getting ready to leave Austin, I wonder where I will find another doctor whom my children will beg to see when they are sick or hurt.

Of course, I will miss Dr. Wang very much myself. I decided to start a three- month course of acupuncture treatment last summer, to address my headaches and heart palpitations. As the weeks went by, these symptoms became less intense, and other physical symptoms were greatly reduced, including those from a case of flu I contracted during that time. But I was surprised to find that, in addition to these physical changes, I was feeling distinctly more energetic and motivated and less depressed and irritable. During the summer I also developed a horrible allergic reaction to formaldehyde, with rashes and welts all over my body. With Dr. Wang’s herbs, I was able to return to normal life indoors after a few days. IN short, I found that Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and herbs could handle any problem I had, acute or chronic, and from either end of the mind-body continuum.

But I will miss Dr. Wang himself as much as his acupuncture and herbs. I’ve come to count on him for just the right words to encourage me to do something I need to do, or to put my problems in perspective so that I can move past them. Toward the end of my 3-month treatment series, when he noticed how excited I had become about Chinese medicine, Dr. Wang casually asked if I would like to sit in on a class at the Academy of Oriental Medicine, where he teaches. With Dr. Wang’s further encouragement, I enrolled in their acupuncture program that September. Although I didn’t get the opportunity to take any classes from Dr. Wang, I still saw him regularly at the school this past year. There I learned that he is well known among the students for his quick wit and ability to say something profound and yet simple that makes everyone stop and think. I also learned that Dr. Wang is extremely hard working, ambitious, and goal oriented¾he gets an idea about what he’d like to do and then acts toward that end without hesitation or fear of failure.

Yours Sincerely,
Emily Adams Pugh

Without hesitancy I can say that¾after being treated by Dr. Guoen Wang with acupuncture and herbal medicines¾my blood pressure, asthmatic conditions, and general health have improved. In addition, Dr. Wang has recently treated me for tendonitis in the ankle area, and this condition has also healed rapidly. The Wan Hua Oil (Pain Relieving Oil) that he gave me to use for this problem seems to be a valuable remedy for my eighty-year-old aches and pains!

Dr. Wang is very professional and caring with his patients¾a true gentleman.

Reuben Boyd Robertson

Back, Neck, And Shoulder

I began getting acupuncture twelve years ago when I lived in Japan. Because of a car accident several years prior, I had developed unbearable sciatic pain. A Japanese friend of mine took me to a Japanese acupuncturist who had trained for nearly a decade in China. Although I was deathly afraid of needles, my sciatic pain was excruciating enough for me to try an alternative remedy. To my amazement, it did not hurt at all; it was actually relaxing! Furthermore, several visits alleviated the pain to the point where I could rehabilitate and strengthen my muscles and prevent further injury.

I returned to the United States and while living in California I sought the benefits of an acupuncturist and herbalist for preventive as well as remedial care. In northern California allergies were my primary problem and they always cleared up after a few visits and some herbs. I also went for stress-related illness, for female problems, and for support when I started feeling out of balance.

Before moving to Austin, Texas, I was worried I would not be able to find an acupuncturist and I knew Austin was famous for allergies. Luckily, I found Dr. Wang right away and immediately knew I was in good hands. He has a wonderful demeanor and asks the right questions to treat me holistically.

Acupuncture is not a panacea; the patient must take some proactive responsibility for her health. Anyone who is not familiar with Oriental medicine may not understand the patience and humility involved. Chinese medicine builds strength in the body from the inside out, and aims to create balance rather than just superficially fixing symptoms. Perfect harmony exists between Western and Eastern medicines, as there are circumstances that require both.

I swear by acupuncture for allergies, persistent headaches, and during prolonged periods of stress. For feminine issues, I am a firm believer in the holistic benefits of both acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Wang really cares about his patients’ well being, and just being in his office is peaceful.

Nicole D. Mignone

For over 20 years, I lived the life of the Road Warrior. My work was my life and I traveled 80% of the time. I worked 24/7. More than once, flights were delayed or canceled and persistence got me to my destination with only time to shower and get to work. Sleep was a luxury. Food and alcohol became the way I numbed the pain. I shut down the cries from my body and soul for rest. A naturally energetic and committed person, I pulled from reserves I did not know I had to simply keep going, to keep performing.

At one point, mononucleosis literally knocked me off my feet. I slept for 3 days straight. The doctor recommended 6 weeks rest; I slowed down for 2. When a skiing accident destroyed the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee, the doctor recommended surgery, but I had seminars to conduct in Los Angeles and Florida. Surgery would have to wait. After surgery, I made meager efforts to complete the rehabilitation exercises, but believed it necessary to get “on the road” in a wheelchair and on crutches because I had business commitments to keep.

As a presenter, I conducted literally thousands of workshops around the world. Wearing the uniform of the day, I lived in high heels and business suits. When presenting I stood before audiences for 8-10 hours stretches. Then, packed like a beast of burden, I hobbled or raced through airports to catch plane after plane. Sometimes the burning in my feet distracted me from the growing pain in my back.

While on a speaking tour in Australia, lower back pain became excruciating. I spent evenings in tears on the floor contorted like a pretzel or soaking in a hot tub. With changing climates and general wear and tear, my allergies got so bad that I had tubes inserted in my ears to alleviate the piercing pain of flying. Eventually, allergies triggered gagging coughing fits, not a pretty sight for a keynote speaker. Ibuprofen and Sudafed became my drugs of choice.

For years, my body tried to get my attention. For years, I endured the pain in the name of professional commitment. For years, I treated my body as a painful detriment, an obstacle to what I needed to do. My body kept turning up the noise until sometime around age 50, the cacophony of 20 years of abuse all came pounding in on me. I woke up. I decided to turn my life around. Was it too late? Was the damage too far gone?

Working with Dr. Wang provides me a fresh start. He understands and supports my goal to be healthy. Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I am slowly turning brokenness into wholeness, illness into health, and distress into joy.

In the two years I have worked with Dr. Wang, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs, I am healthier than I can remember. Allergies that once took me to hospital emergency rooms are all but gone. Even in the high allergy climate of Central Texas, even with continued travel, my ears and sinuses are clear, and gagging coughs are a thing of the past. Together, we are cultivating my immune system like rich fertile soil to support my wellness.

Most dramatically, my back pain is managed, if not cured. When an orthopedic surgeon examined an X-ray of my lower back, he quickly and firmly said, “You need surgery.” I said no. He pointed to the place on the X-ray that showed a paper-thin disk in the L5. He showed me the newest device used to fuse vertebrates. The device, which resembles a metal slinky, is designed to keep vertebrate from grinding and, therefore, free me from pain. When I declined Celebrex because it irritates my stomach, the surgeon quickly grabbed samples of VIOXX. While the surgeon was convinced surgery and drugs were the answer, I was not.

Dr. Wang listened to me and to my body. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs now allow me to sleep through the night without being awakened by back pain.

I can now stoop to work in my garden. I can get in and out of an automobile without assistance. I can bend over to pick up something without risk of paralyzing pain that once brought me to my knees.

The approach Dr. Wang and I use for my back and immune system is gentle.
I am learning patience. I now apply the same strength of commitment to my health as I committed to work for so many years. I am changing my habits.

I am listening and responding to my body. And, I am grateful for health.

Lynn Sellers

I am a 42 year-old male in good physical condition as a result of practicing Tae Kwon Do and playing baseball in the Men’s Senior Baseball League. I have had a chronic problem with my neck, which I injured 18 years ago. I also injured my lower back 2 years ago playing baseball. I have been seeing chiropractors regularly for the past 2 years. I attempted to water ski over the 4th of July and aggravated my neck injury. A couple of days later my whole spine was extremely stiff and I had pains shooting through the back of my skull, all the way down to my pelvic bone. I went to see Dr. Wang on the recommendation of an instructor of mine who had visited Dr. Wang to relieve his back condition and had felt much better after the treatment.

Dr. Wang explained to me that I might need 3 visits in order to treat my condition. After the 1st visit I felt about 90% relieved, and after the second visit my spine was so loose and limber that I was amazed. I felt as good as I had felt prior to my lower back injury 2 years ago.

Bruce Moore

In February of 2002 I woke up with a sharp, excruciating pain in my left shoulder near my underarm. The pain was intense and enormous and straight out of the blue. When I moved my arm, the pain shot down to my fingers, and my entire arm hurt. It hurt when I walked, when I got up from a chair or bed, when somebody touched it. In fact, it hurt almost all the time. Sometimes the pain was dull; sometimes it moved to different parts of my shoulder, such as my bicep or underarm.

I went to a Western doctor, who first gave me arthritis pill samples (I think), then steroids and pain pills on the second visit. The pain pills helped a little, while they were in my bloodstream, but the steroids simply made me want to eat everything in sight. After the second visit, he told me surgery was the next option. I left his office and never went back.

Then I came to Dr. Wang. He checked my pulses on each side, looked at my tongue and eyes, and told me I had an energy blockage in my shoulder, caused by phlegm. I asked if he could help and he said yes, with some Chinese herbs and several acupuncture sessions. When I left his office that first time, I felt relieved, and though I’d had an acupuncture treatment, my arm still hurt, although not quite as much. Dr. Wang had said I might not like the herb mixture, but I did like it. I was looking forward to my next visit.

After my second visit, the pain dropped down to about 75% of what it had been originally, but went back up to about 95% by the time I arrived for my third visit. After the third, it dropped back to about 75% and never went any higher. In fact, it dropped steadily with each visit. Dr. Wang placed needles in different combinations on the front and the back side of my body on each visit. By the fourth visit, the pain was at about 50%. Also, the herbs were making me feel better in general. I was surprised that the pain was slipping away, but it was¾slowly and surely. I couldn’t wait until I could sleep on my left side again. By the fifth visit, the pain was at 40%, and Dr. Wang told me I needed only about 2 more visits. By the seventh visit, the pain was down to about 5%, and now it’s almost non-existent. There is a little bit of tingling in my arm, and the tip of my index finger is a tad numb, but otherwise I feel great, and the herbs helped my constitution in general.

Dr. Wang was always extremely polite, gentle, kind and respectful. He has the knowledge, presence, and temperament of a true healer.

Thank you Dr. Wang!
Richard R.

I had resolved myself to a life of pain from three degenerated discs. My body was slowly deteriorating from my travel schedule as a motivational speaker and I felt I was facing a life of poor health. A friend suggested I see Dr. Guoen Wang. My initial visit with Dr. Wang was most encouraging for he literally told me I could be healthy and live pain free. I was a bit skeptical but willing to try anything at this point in my 55 years. During my first treatment, I found I relaxed¾an amazing, relaxing rest. I started to look forward to my treatments because I felt so euphoric during and after each. Only after the sixth visit did I realize that I had been pain free for several days! I could not believe that I could move, bend, and lift as I had done years ago. I continued the eight-week treatment, and then did not go in for regular visits. Again, I found myself experiencing pain. When I went back to Dr. Wang I realized that what I really needed to do was to schedule periodic “tune-ups.”

Then I had an annual physical that revealed elevated cholesterol. The doctors were less than hopeful and, quite frankly, frightened me to death with their prognosis. I returned to Dr. Wang who not only encouraged me but also told me I could live a comfortable life¾pain free and with normal cholesterol.
This doctor motivated the motivator!

I’ve had multiple problems with menopause, back pain, cholesterol and minor ailments. At age 57, I have learned that acupuncture is a means to keep me healthy, pain-free and feeling great for many, many years. I have a healthy appetite and sleep like a baby if I get my “tune-ups”! Dr. Wang and I decided that I would live to age 85¾or maybe longer.

Carol Everett

I had my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Guoen Wang about three years ago. I chose him because my long-time friend Tom had recommended him. Tom had suffered for a long time from a series of urinary tract infections and other ailments. When Tom first started acupuncture treatments, I noticed that, over time, he started to look and feel healthier. Tom told me he was taking Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture. It was obvious that something was working right for him.

Over the years, I had been plagued by pain and tension in my upper left shoulder, back, and arm. I tried a variety of treatment options, including physical therapy, prescription drugs, exercise, and chiropractic. They all helped for a while, but the problem never went away. I decided to give acupuncture a try.

During my first visit, Dr. Wang was very patient with me. I asked a million questions about why he wanted to look at my tongue and why did he take my pulse differently than a Western doctor would. At my request, he even recommended a book for me to read, so I could learn more about the workings of Chinese medicine and philosophy. During every appointment Dr. Wang takes time to ask how I’m doing and what has brought me there that day. He is a good listener.

After just three treatments, the knot in my upper back went away and stayed away for weeks at a time. Occasionally, I go back for “tuneups.” I have also used acupuncture and herbs to treat seasonal allergies. Now, my symptoms are less severe than they used to be.

Last year, I turned to Dr. Wang for help after taking a bad fall. I had deep tissue bruising and limited mobility in my right arm and shoulder. I believe the herbs he gave me helped in speeding up the recovery of soft tissue damage. Acupuncture is not a cure-all technique but, in my experience, it has had longer lasting beneficial effects for me than the treatments I had previously tried.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I became a patient of Oriental medicine quite a few years back because of almost intractable sinus pain. At that point I was driving about 140 miles from Alpine, TX to San Angelo, TX to see Drs. Liu and Xu. It took about 6 treatments, spaced a week apart, to stop the pain and now one acupuncture treatment early takes care of the sinus pain.

Drs. Liu and Xu returned to China [at which time] I searched for an Acupuncturist located near to me, and finally found Dr. Guoen Wang in Austin. By then my problem was numbness in my hands and forearms, the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. A year ago I visited Austin regularly enough for [Dr. Wang] to stop the numbness. Now I’m having more trouble getting to Austin, but as often as I can I will [drive to] see Dr. Guoen Wang because he gives me more help than conventional medicine.

John Mac Carpenter

Children’s Issues

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Bedwetting
  • Ear Infections

I only have sincere gratitude for Dr. Wang’s care of my twins. The lives of my sons, Jason and Joey, have been greatly enhanced through acupuncture and herbal medicine and I am delighted to be able to share our story.

Jason and Joey arrived three months early on January 11, 1988. Weighing 3.5 and 2.9 pounds, each of them had complications that led to multiple surgeries. Now, I am pleased to say they are happy teenage boys and no one would ever know the hardships they endured as babies.

Dr. Wang came into our lives when I needed assistance with Jason, who had a bedwetting problem. Jason had visited several Western medical doctors and had taken multiple medications. These remedies, while effective for a short time, never completely took care of the problem. In fact, the final medication prescribed by a Western doctor stopped him from producing urine at night and only caused Jason a great deal of pain when he awoke in the morning.

In a desperate attempt to get help for my son that did not cause him pain, I decided to call the Academy of Oriental Medicine to become more educated about our options. After discussing the options with my son and basically begging him to just go one time, we made an appointment with Dr. Wang.

At our first visit, Dr. Wang simply took Jason’s pulse, looked at his tongue and told us he could help. He explained that Jason’s body was too “cold” and that he needed to keep his body “warm” and take some herbs. In addition, Dr. Wang warmed Jason’s stomach with a Moxa stick and he performed acupuncture on several areas of his body. Upon leaving the appointment, Dr. Wang explained that if Jason kept his body warm and took the herbs, he would never wet the bed again.

As Jason and I left the building, we were a little scared, shocked, giggly and skeptical about what had just happened. That evening Jason took his herbs before bed and kept himself warm and Dr. Wang was right. He never wet the bed again.

Since Dr. Wang had been so successful with Jason, I decided that he could possibly help my other son Joey who had been diagnosed as ADD and had been taking the prescription drug Ritalin. When presented with this issue, he stated that he needed to do some research and that he would get back to me. A few weeks later, Dr. Wang called and said he was ready to treat Joey. At the first session, he took Joey’s pulse and looked at his tongue. In addition, he suggested and performed acupuncture in different areas on his head and prescribed herbal medicine. He explained that the acupuncture on his head would help with calmness, concentration, and memory; the herbal medicine had to be taken in the morning and at lunch to help with Joey’s concentration at school. To my amazement, Joey displayed major improvement within a few days of his initial treatment.

Not only did I notice a difference but one of Joey’s teachers also informed me of his improvement in class. Joey continued acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wang every 3 months and continued taking his herbal medicine twice a day for almost a year. Currently, Joey only receives acupuncture treatment right before school starts and no longer has to take the herbal medicine. Upon completion of 7th grade, Joey was on the AB honor role.

Thank you Dr. Wang!
Susan B.

Acupuncture has helped my life in many ways. One of the most interesting and dramatic stories happened when I told my acupuncturist [Dr. Wang] that one of my daughters (seven years old) had an earache. He said, “I can help with that. With one treatment the earache will be gone in less than a day.” I was surprised to hear that because my usual way of treating ear infections was a two-week round of antibiotics. My daughter, suffering intense pain, liked the idea of her earache disappearing in a single day.

So, I brought her to the acupuncturist [Dr. Wang]. The treatment (which my daughter enjoyed) lasted about 30 or 45 minutes. The pain lessened rapidly. After the treatment, my daughter slept until evening (about 4 hours). When she woke, she felt happy and strong and said there was hardly any pain. The next day, there was no evidence of earache. The earache didn’t return.

I stopped using antibiotics for ear infections over 12 years ago. I’ve raised three daughters and I believe that because of acupuncture we’ve all stopped suffering from earaches entirely. There are more stories, of course, but this one makes me wish my parents had used acupuncture so that I wouldn’t have had earaches as a child.

Thanks for all of your work!